Thanks for joining me!  The intention of this site is to allow for people and organizations to register themselves as supporters of genital autonomy.

Individuals will be able to identify themselves as healing arts professionals (i.e. doctors / midwives / nurses / doulas / etc.) so others can look for a professional in their area (much like what’s on Your Whole Baby).  Individuals will also be able to identify themselves as intactivists and identify the kinds of intactivism they are interested in.  This will provide ways for intactivism organizations to recruit intactivists with specific skills and desires to help for specific efforts and events.

I’m hoping for-profit organizations will register and donate in order to get advertising.  I want to design it so people can donate at this organization and choose percentages of their donations to go to other organizations, but, get credit for doing so here.

Some of the organizations that I desire to support include, but are not limited to:

  • Genital Autonomy
  • Genital Autonomy of America (used to be NO-CIRC)
  • Your Whole Baby
  • Bloodstained Men
  • Intact America
  • Doctors Opposing Circumcision
  • Circumcision Resources
  • 28 Too Many (anti-FGM in Africa)
  • CAGeM
  • The Orchid Project
  • The Global Alliance Against Female Genital Mutilation

Here are some efforts I would like to help fund that are not currently being addressed by these organizations:

  • Make sure every library has a copy of the documentary American Circumcision as well as many great books on topics regarding genital autonomy.
  • Support activists that are attempting outreach to government representatives to create laws supporting the human right.
  • Support efforts to correct text books (and other media), that are being used by educational institutions, with more accurate information regarding the anatomy of genitalia.  As well as supporting the distribution of those resources to the educational institutions.

John Adkison

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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